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Scorpio men is an intense, addictive, incredible fan for this Taurus feminine

The text try magnetic and that I had never believed very total before with a man. It is the one that usually takes a life-time in order to get more than.

I will be down to earth, grounded and nurturing, liked preparing and playing house or apartment with my Taurus guy

The Virgo men We have fulfilled happened to be, at first glance, Prince Charming. I experienced a formidable sense of becoming controlled by all of them. They'll detest my personal guts permanently. (Kinda makes me laugh).

Gemini sun/Sag rising/Virgo midheaven women right here, two strongest really loves of living happened to be Taurus males

Im a Gemini lady and i encountered the satisfaction to meet up with a Taurus guy. He was clingy right from the start plus a couple weeks of knowing eachother wanted to be in a relationship. Problem is that I got just got regarding a permanent connection and planned to need affairs a little slow. Better regrettably the guy strayed when i asked him which will make a choice whether the guy planned to manage all of our relationship or otherwise not the guy never responded. It has now been each week and absolutely nothing. I will agree totally that they might be possessive once they demand some thing they imply businesses or they might be completely!